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Atmospheric Sciences Seminars

Each semester,  the Atmospheric Sciences department conducts a seminar class. The spring semester seminar class requires presentations by current masters- or PhD-degree students. These seminars offer the students a chance to hone their presentation skills as well as visit with their peers and colleagues about the different types of research being conducted in the Atmospheric Sciences field.

Students held an informal poster session based on their presentations (photos below), at which fellow classmates and faculty discussed the projects. They were also required to submit an extended abstract as part of their final work in the seminar class. The abstracts are compiled into a booklet (see PDF link below), much like a conference proceeding. Both the poster and extended abstract give the students a feel for what they may have to do as they continue in their working career.









Seminars presented by the students this semester were:

  • Chip Redmond: "Height-based Characterization of Structure-initiated Upward Positive Leader Speeds Using High-speed Photogrammetry"
  • Kurt Chowanski: "Assessing Restored Wetland Biogeochemical Function with Phosphorous Characterization using Phosphorus Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy"
  • Parker Norton: "Downscaled Simulation of Contemporary Climate in the Missouri River Watershed 1981-2010.
  • Ramsey Alizadeh: "Indoor Air Pollution: A Short Review and a further investigation".
  • Kenneth Miller: "The Evolution from Squall LInes to Supercell Thunderstorms".
  • Ryan Lueck: "Dual-Polarization Radar Observations of Upward Lightning Producing Storms."
  • Aaron Carmichael: "Quality Control of the 1Hz Data from the A-10 Storm Penetrating Aircraft".
  • Aaron Ward: "Hydrometeor Imaging Probes on the A-10 Storm Penetrating Aircraft".
  • Erin Walter: "An Observational Study of Dryline Propagation and Interaction over the Black Hills."
  • Rebecka Hastings: "Radiative and Microphysical Impacts of Aerosols in the Climate System"
  • Alana Ballweber: "A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Upward Triggered Lightning".

Spring 2013 Seminar Abstract Book (Click on the PDF button:) PDF

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