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NOAA/NWS Storm Prediction Center SPC Fire National Weather Service National Weather Service Rapid City NWS Incident Meteorologist NOAA Air Quality Forecasts NOAA Smoke Forecasts EPA Air Quality Forecasts Precipitation Accumulation Maps Temperature Time Series NCEP Temp/Precip Trends for KUNR RMCC Weather Site SPC Exp. Dry Thunderstorm Site


Upper Air Maps and Charts Hoot(OU) Upper Air SPC Upper AIR 500mb Chart (Large Polar Sector) RAP/UCAR Upper Air (includes profilers) Wyoming Soundings (Good for archived soundings)


Surface Maps SDSU Surface Observations (Statewide locations) Rap/UCAR Surface Hoot(OU) Surface HPC 3 hour Surface Analysis South Dakota DOT Surface Stations (from Meridian Env. Tech. and SD DOT) Mesowest


Radar NWS RIDGE RAP/UCAR Radar COD Single Site Radar Data


Satellite COD 1km High Res Satellite COD Regional Satellite RAP/UCAR GOES-12 and GOES-10 Satellite NASA Interactive Satellite NOAA GOES Website CIMSS Website (TCO, etc)


Forecasting/Models NCEP Models RAP/UCAR Models COD Model Products Earl's New Model Skew-T Web Page (Forecast Soundings) NSSL WRF Forecast Simulated Radar Reflectivity NESDIS Satellite Derived Soundings Albany Dynamic Tropopause Maps Spaghetti Plot SPC Mesoanalysis Page SPC SREF CEP / ECMWF 0-240h CDC Reforecast Model Products Rocky Mountain Center USDA FS GACC GFS Model Products USAF Products (Includes Turbulence) RAP NWS Local Application Output NCEP EMC WRF (includes simulated reflectivity) UKMET 5-day Model Output WRF Model Output (Rocky Mountain Region)


Climate Western Regional Climate Center High Plains Regional Climate Center



Darren R. Clabo * State Fire Meteorologist/Instructor * Institute of Atmospheric Sciences

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