Dr. Paul L. Smith

Dr. Paul L. Smith
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Department of Atmospheric and Envirolnmental Sciences
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
501 East Saint Joseph Street
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701-3995

Phone: 605-394-2291 FAX: 605-394-6061  email: paul.smith@sdsmt.edu


Research Interests
 University Activities
Education / Background
Affiliation and Awards
Other Activities


Research Interests

Dr. Smith's major research interests are in Radar Meteorology, Cloud Physics, and Weather Modification.

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University Activities

Dr. Paul Smith has been at the School of Mines since 1966. He started as a research engineer in IAS, working his way up the ladder as chief engineer to engineering group head and senior scientist, to become the Director of the Institute in 1981. He served in that position until 1996, at which time he retired from full-time duties. Dr. Smith also was named the Facility Manager for the National Science Foundation supported  T-28 Research Aircraft Facility, which is housed at the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, and has served in that position from 1985 to the present. He has taught radar meteorology, physical meteorology, and microwave engineering.

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Education and Background

B.S.       (Physics), Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1955
M.S.      (Elec. Eng.), Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1957
Ph.D.     (Elec. Eng.), Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1960
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (Meteorology), McGill University, 1964

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American Meteorological Society (Fellow)
Committee on Radar Meteorology
Member 1969-1975, 1992-1996
Chairman 1973-1974, 1994-1996
Board of Education in Universities, 1976-1978
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Senior Member)
Sigma Xi
Weather Modification Association


Paul Smith has received the Award for Meritorious Civilian Service, USAF Air Weather Service (1975); the Editor's Award, Journal of Applied Meteorology, American Meteorological Society (1992); the Thunderbird Award, Weather Modification Association (1995), and was named a  National Associate by the National Research Council (2004). He has been selected as the American Meteorological Society's Remote Sensing Lecturer for 2006.

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Other Activities

Committee on Recommendations for U.S. Army Basic Research,
National Research Council, 1976-1979
NSF Graduate Fellowship Evaluation Panels, four occasions 1976 through 1982
Meeting of Experts on Hail Detection and Measurement (WMO), Nalchik, U.S.S.R., 1979 (Chairman)
Scientific Program Evaluation Committee (SPEC) Panel, NCAR Atmospheric Technology Division, 1983
Executive Committee, International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation, 1988-1996
Panel on the Assessment of NEXRAD Coverage and Associated Weather Services, National Research Council, 1994-1995
NEXRAD Technical Advisory Committee, 1995-
National Weather Service Modernization Committee, National Research Council, 1997-1999
National Research Council Committee on Weather Radar Technology Beyond NEXRAD (Chairman), 2001-2002
National Research Council Committee to Assess NEXRAD Flash Flood Forecasting Capabilities at Sulphur Mountain, California (Chairman), 2004
Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (NSF Engineering Research Center headquartered at University of Massachusetts), External Science and Engineering Advisory Board (Chairman), 2003 –
Atmospheric Water Management Standards Committee, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2005 -

Lecturer in Short Course on Radar Meteorology, Technology Service Corporation, 1971-1991
Course Evaluator, American Council on Education, 1977-1995
Consortium for Atmospheric Resources Development, institutional representative, Treasurer, President, 1983-present
Associate Editor, Radio Science, 1994-1996


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Dr. Smith has more than 70 refereed publications in engineering and scientific journals or books and presented more than 100 papers at professional society meetings. A very brief listing follows; a more complete list will be added in the near future.


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To contact Dr. Smith: email: paul.smith@sdsmt.edu

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