Dr. P.V. Sundareshwar, Associate Professor

South Dakota State Carbon Scientist
Associate Professor
Director - Biogeochemistry Core Facility

Dr. PV Sundareshwar

   Department of Atmospheric and 
         Environmental Sciences
   South Dakota School of Mines
         and Technology
   501 East Saint Joseph Street
   Rapid City, South Dakota 57701-3995

   Phone: 605-394-2492
   FAX: 605-394-6061 
   email: pvs@sdsmt.edu


University Activities
The Lab

Media Coverage/Press Releases

Research Interests

I am an ecosystem ecologist with broad research interests that include: (1) nutrient biogeochemical interactions across trophic levels in coastal ecosystems; (2) ecosystem response to global environmental change, and (3) land use and biogeochemical cycling. While my area of expertise is in phosphorus biogeochemistry and its link to carbon and other biolimiting elements, my research is driven by the desire to understand how earth’s natural systems are functionally interrelated and modified by human behavior. These research efforts integrate ecosystem processes at multiple scales – from nutrient transformations to response of ecosystem components such as plants and microbes leading to reciprocal feedbacks to climate and environmental change. I am also interested in building integrated environmental monitoring networks for studying global environmental change (see Indoflux Initiative).

Thank you

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Rapid Creek Preservation Association for their generous support of our research work on the Didymo project. The Rapid Creek Preservation Association was organized to preserve and protect one of the most valuable resources in the Black Hills. Check them out at http://www.sdlakesandstreams.com/lakedomain/rcpa.html.

News Updates

Interview with KOTA-TV News, Rapid City about Didymo in Rapid Creek - Check the post on KOTA-TV's website at http://www.kotatv.com/story/

Paper on didymo is published in Geophysical Research Letters. News releases have been given by both the American Geophysical Union and the National Science Foundation.
Use the button to the right to access the PDF version of the paper and auxiliary materials.  PDF

You may read the press releases by following these links: http://www.agu.org/news/press/pr_archives/2011/2011-20.shtml  and  http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=119700

Dr. Sundareshwar is awarded medal from Chilean Senate; Science update on Didymo in Chile

NSF Collaborative Research: Exploration of the mechanistic basis and biogeochemical implications of differential nutrient limitation among trophic levels


NASA Consortium Development Grant

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) - SDSM&T has recently joined the Great Plains CESU (GP-CESU). This cooperative ecosystems study unit is a network of 15 academic institutions in the Great Plains region and six federal agencies.  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln serves as host to the GP-CESU.  The unit encompasses a broad geographical portion of the Great Plains and offers an outstanding group of scientists in grasslands, ecosystems studies, and natural and cultural resources management for collaborative research, technical assistance and educational opportunities in the CESU. I will be serving as the technical representative for SDSM&T.     

New Student Opportunities

There are currently no openings, but please check back.

Following are links to my primary research interests, with more detailed discussion of the research. 

Biogeochemical interactions across trophic groups

Ecosystem response to global environmental change

Land use and biogeochemistry

Rapid Creek Nutrient Pulsing

Ecosystem Restoration, Structure and Function

International Activities:

        Environmental Monitoring Networks (Indoflux Initiative)

         International Ecological / Environmental Field Camp in India - Visit this page for links to photos of the Andaman Islands

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