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Rapid City, SD Weather Information 
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Data are organized into the following subject headings: 

[Surface Data][Upper Air Data][Satellite Images] [Forecasts][Climatology][Local Archives]

Current Conditions and Forecasts

RAPID CITY weather conditions and forecast. Click here for our location.

Click TIME CHECK for accurate time (US Naval Observatory Master Clock).

To use the Interactive Weather Information Network from the National Weather Service, click here.

Surface Data

[GIF]South Dakota Department of Transportation Homepage with links to SafeTravelUSA road map and ClearPath 511 SD road closure information site
[GIF]U.S. Surface Map from UNISYS
[GIF]National and regional radar images from Intellicast
[GIF] Rapid City NEXRAD radar data from Intellicast
[GIF]U.S. Map of Maximum Temperatures from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Map of Minimum Temperatures from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Map of 24hr Precipitation Amounts from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Map of snow cover from UNISYS

Upper Air Data

[GIF]U.S. Upper Air Map at 200 mb [about 40,000 ft] from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Upper Air Map at 300 mb [about 30,000 ft] from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Upper Air Map at 500 mb [about 20,000 ft] from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Upper Air Map at 700 mb [about 10,000 ft] from UNISYS
[GIF]U.S. Upper Air Map at 850 mb [about 5,000 ft] from UNISYS

Satellite Images

For the latest images, check out the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Go to this page:, then scroll down to NOAA GOES East Satellite Images. Under the "North America" heading, you can choose from the latest visible, latest infrared, and latest water vapor images. Under each are choices for .jpg, .gif, or animation files; please note that the animation files are very large and slow to load. There are also links on this site for other options, such as NOAA GOES West Satellite images, composite images, and hemisphere images.

Visit the University of  Wyoming satellite image page to create a map from options given. 


Nowcast for Rapid City or the United States
[Go to]KNBN Newscenter 1 Weather
[Go to]KOTA Rapid City Weather Forecast
[Go to]KEVN Black Hills FOX Weather
Outlook Maps, Graphs, and Tables  from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Climatology Information

Rapid City NWS maintains local climatic information.  (just click on the "Climate" tab near the top of the page). Dr. Dennis Todey, state climatologist at SDSU, maintains South Dakota's Climate and Weather information: state climatic information.

The University of Utah's Web site has tables of monthly climatic data for about 290 cities in the United States. See Mesowest's homepage at, then click on desired location for links to the data available.


Local Archives - Past weather history 

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) maintains the world's largest active archive of weather data. NCDC has many products available if you are looking for past weather data; some is provided without cost, other information may be obtained at a minimal cost. Visit their website at By searching through their "products" listings, and answering a few simple queries, you can find records of historical events and weather conditions for many locations.

You can also visit to find current conditions and forecasts for cities in their database (including Rapid City). If you scroll down to the blue "Nearby" area, you will find a "History & Almanac" box allowing you to view the weather details on any given day from 1939 up to the current one.

Upper air radiosonde information is available through the Universal RAwinsonde OBservation (RAOB) program website at


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